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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • Tork Smart One - Smarter Than The Average Toilet Paper System

    Tork Smart One - The Smart System

    Tork smart one toilet paper dispenser

    The best selling Tork Smart One toilet tissue dispensers have become even smarter following the acquisition of lotus by Tork

    Tork have released a new smarter system which is shallower than the old units by 17mm and have updated the design to look even better than before.

    The Smart one toilet paper dispenser are nice and compact which allows them to fit into even the smallest of toilet cubicles. Plus the paper now has the Tork leaf design allowing your customers or staff to see they are using only the highest quality paper product.


    Popular toilet paper delivery system


    The main reason the tork smart one system is so popular is due to its cost in use, hygiene & sustainability compared to the others on the market,One of the main advantages nobody thinks about is the reduction of paper entering into the drainage system this reduces blockages and the costs involved in cleaning them up.

    The smart one system is EU Ecolabel certified and dispenses the paper via a new nozzle on the front of the dispenser and ensures only 1 sheet of paper is removed at a time. This automatically reduces your paper consumption by 40% and you should get an incredible 98 more visits per roll with the Tork smart one than a standard toilet roll.


    Stops cross contamination & Insertion of foreign objects


    The way the unit has been designed allows everything to be enclosed safely inside with only the paper sticking out. Some other toilet roll systems allow customers or staff to place their hands inside the dispenser which can lead to cross contamination.

    The enclosure of the Tork smart one dispenser also prevents the end user from inserting anything inside the dispenser.  This can be a major problem for hospitals or public convenience where needles and drugs may be hidden inside them.

    new tork smart one toilet roll dispenser 1 sheet at a time

    Saves consumption & Emissions


    By the very fact the smart one dispenser reduces consumption of your toilet rolls and less is wasted. Which means you will need to order less paper allowing you to save space in your storage room. But as a by product you will reduce the number of lorries travelling around the country to deliver the items which cuts emissions.

    There are three different types of Tork smart one dispenser, the white and blue original dispenser, the mini and the dual mini smart one dispensers.

    The Tork smart one dispenser has 1150 sheets per roll and is designed for medium to high traffic washroom areas. The mini has 620 sheets per roll of paper and the dual mini has 2 x 620 sheets per roll inside the dispenser.


    Vandal & Fire resistant


    They are all fire and vandal resistant which makes them a great product for the vulnerable toilet areas, plus they have a dual setting lock allowing you to set your own security level. All in all these are superb toilet paper dispensers perfect for low traffic to high traffic environments.

    Best of all they are tough, vandal resistant and save you money what more could you ask for?

    Obviously this post was about the Tork smart one toilet paper system but we do have other toilet paper dispensers available on our eCommerce site.

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