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Monthly Archives: November 2016

  • Master Animal Towel Folding Easily Infographic

    Animal Towel Folding Infographic

    When you go to a hotel or guest house you often find an impressive towel folded animal on the foot of your bed.

    My kids love them and I've had a go at trying to make them myself but without the right instruction its near impossible!

    So i decided to scout around online and find instructions on how to make some of the most popular animals.

    The infographic i created shows you how to easily make a swan (easiest in my opinion) , a snake, an elephant, a mouse, a monkey! and a crab.

    Hopefully you find the instructions easy to follow and if you have any tips or tricks of your own let me know in the comments.

    If you want to share this on your own blog or website please do using the codes below we have 2 sizes of graphic available just choose the right code and paste it into your site easy peasy.

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    Easily create animals by folding your bathroom towels Learn how to create a towel swan, towel crab, towel monkey, towel snake, towel elephant and a Mouse!

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