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  • Air fresheners, Everything You Need to Know.

    Air Fresheners - Washroom UK comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about air care for your home or business

    Air Fresheners Everything you would probably want to know

    Air fresheners are used in many public spaces for instance in your office, public toilet areas and even in your own car or home but aren't you interested in how they work or if they really get rid of bad odours? or more importantly can they harm you or your family?

    So how do air fresheners actually work?

    Inside each can of air freshener are tiny molecules which are turned from a liquid into a gas when the nozzle is pressed at room temperature.

    Everyone has a sense of smell (well for the most part) and our noses can detect these tiny molecules in the air which have sent from the can of freshener and this is the basics of how air fresheners work.

    The word Aerosol literally means "dissolves in air" and when the nozzle is pressed the liquid held within the can which is under pressure shoots out and dissolves allowing the molecules to disperse.

    In each can of air fragrance the nice smelly molecules are mixed with an aerosol propellant to help dispense the fragrance were it is needed.

    Its worth noting that an air freshener doesn't actually kill or remove the bad odours already in the air it just replaces and overpowers them by using stronger smelling molecules.

    After a while these will slowly fall downwards and the odour within the room will once again be more noticable.

    A good air freshener dispenser will allow you to set a certain time period between "sprays" and usually 15-30 minute intervals is a good number to work with.

    Unless the area is particularly bad at which point you may need to spray more frequently for instance every 7 minutes.

    Odour eliminators work differently

    Odour eliminating works by using a spray or similar device which uses a molecule called cyclodextrin, this molecule attaches itself to bad odour molecules.

    Once the water it is suspended within starts to dry the bad odour molecules are trapped within the cyclodextrin which reduces their smell effectively eliminating the odour.

    Air fresheners harmful to humans?

    There are many discussions that argue for and against being harmful to humans but it is widely thought that if used moderately air fresheners are not dangerous.

    However its worth noting that if you have staff who have allergies towards air fresheners then avoid use.

    Couldn't we just use perfume instead?

    The main difference is the way the fragrance disperses, perfumes are designed to be used on open areas of skin where the heat breaks the molecules of water which then diffuses the perfume into the air and at an incredible cost.

    Air fresheners are designed to allow the fragrance to be placed into the air by use of the nozzle which then drifts down masking bad odours or neutralising them (dependant on which type you purchase) and at a fraction of the cost of perfume.

    Why don't you check out our comprehensive range of air fresheners over on our main website!

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