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John Lewis, Victoria Gate Leeds & Leeds Dock

John Lewis New Building In Leeds Victoria Gate

A Little off topic post but i couldn't help myself, i was out and about in Leeds city centre this evening with some friends when we met a nice chap who told us about the new John Lewis at Victoria Gate.

John Lewis, Leeds Victoria Gate

This chap (i didn't get his name) had been out scouting some locations for his photography and he saw us with our cameras and came over for a little chat.

We had the old Canon Vs Nikon debate!

He saw us with our cameras and we got into the old Canon Vs Nikon debate before we laughed and discussed what we were shooting.

We had come only for Leeds docks but at this point he mentioned the new building in the town centre, and since we were there already we thought we would go and check it out.

We headed off to find the new building which had just opened earlier this week as apparently it is a bit of a stunner to look at.

As we walked from leeds dock over the bridge and into the town centre we struggled to see it but as we closed in on the bus station we saw in the distance above the market stalls the stunning exterior of this fabulous building.

It stood tall and majestic

Our pace quickened and as we walked through the market and onto the road next to the building it stood tall and majestic right in front of us.

What a truly remarkable building, we first spotted the car park (or what i assume is a car park) then to the left is the actual building which you can see in the picture.

Both the car park exterior and the john lewis store are both incredible to look at on an evening when they are all lit up but the best of the 2 is by far the john lewis store.

It has a cathederal look to it (i am no architectural expert so not entirely sure how to put that into words correctly) the exterior appears to be a sandstone or terracotta which adds to this look and feel of the building.

Echoes the cloth and textile history of the city

Actually I've just done a bit of research and the inspiration for the building was drawn from Leeds Cloth and textile heritage, ill agree they certainly have given this building a texture which also echoes the civic buildings within the city with its 3 dimensional frontage or (facades).

So as mentioned this is a bit off topic and maybe one day ill manage to go inside just to check out the washroom facilities since thats what we do :) you can see a few of the images i took tonight on my trip arounds leeds dock

Leeds Docks John Lewis John Lewis victoria gate Facade john lewis John Lewis Leeds Victoria Gate


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