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  • The Best Hand Dryers of 2016 UK Markets

    What are the best hand dryers available in the UK Market? well its tough to narrow it down to a particular dryer since your location and required usage may differ from others however with that said we will list some superb options we have available.


    First question : High speed or energy efficient dryer?

    Energy Efficient Hand Dryers

    The difference here is that the high speed dryers tend to use more power than the energy efficient ones.

    Giving you a faster drying time where as an energy efficient dryer uses less power and possibly takes a little longer to dry your hands thoroughly.

    Normally small office locations or seldom used public toilets would opt for an energy efficient unit.

    Where as a very busy public toilet may opt for a fast hand drying option such as this Premium hand dryer which offers a massive 3 year warranty and incredibly fast hand drying.

    Another good option would be the Dyson DB14 dryer which is slightly faster than other blade dryers (looks great as well)

    Or if your after a hands under dryer rather than the hands in dyson DB14 you could opt for the Dyson V.

    You can see our full range of high speed best hand dryers here.

    Back to energy efficient hand dryers we have a large number of low powered fast drying units available which can dry your hands using less power than the faster models.

    Don't be fooled though even though the unit is overall less powerful in its output it doesn't mean you are getting less of a drying experience.

    For instance the Airforce hand dryer is an incredibly efficient and fast drying unit designed for high volume use giving a drying time of 12-15 seconds using only 1.1kw of power.

    The fast premium dryer from Pelsis uses slightly less power than the airforce model but matches it in drying time (14-17 seconds) but beats it using only 1kw compared to 1.1 of the airforce.

    Question 2: Is price an issue?

    budget hand dryers

    If price is an issue for you then you could opt for a more cost effective dryer however usually you will lose on performance compared to the hand dryers mentioned earlier but you will save a considerable amount on your purchase price.

    For instance the Pelsis budget hand dryer comes in at time of writing this £47.49 plus VAT this dryer is one of the best "budget" options.

    Offering you a drying time of around 30 seconds but costing 5 times less than the top end models.

    It is worth noting though that budget dryers are not designed for heavy use bathrooms so if you have more than 20-30 people a day using the dryers its worth opting for a mid range dryer which would be more hard wearing.

    Mid range dryers are designed for use in medium traffic washrooms, ideal for busy office facilities, for this type of usage we would suggest a levante 2.2kW hand dryer.

    This type of dryer is the "standard" type of dryer you will have seen in many pubic bathroom areas usually offering you a swivel nozzle allowing hand and face drying.

    There are other factors to think about when looking for the best hand dryers such as design, vandal resistance and how long the motor lasts but we will cover those at another time.

    But as you can see there clearly is space for a new hand dryer which allows for cost effective fast hand drying whilst saving energy and not costing the earth.

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