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The Weather is Changing & Germs are spreading!

Its that time of year when the weather starts turning from a warm and comfortable to cold and miserable :/ but on the plus side that means its coming up to Christmas!

The fluctuations in temperature and weather at this time of year always get me and many others with the nasty cold and flue virus.

Colds effect everyone eventually but the young and old are far more vulnerable to the effects of these winter viruses than you or I.

Unfortunately its almost impossible to not catch a cold but we can minimise our risk to catching it by sanitising your hands, since it is usually transferred from hand to mouth (or via water droplets in the air which is much harder to avoid).

So now is the time to start looking after yourself and your staff with a selection of products to sanitise hands and local areas to keep you and your staff healthy through this transition from warm to cold.

Simply use these products on dry hands giving an overall coverage from finger tips to the palms of the hand which kills 99.9% of bacteria you can pick up from any surface.

Good luck! unfortunately i havve had my first cold of the year already :/

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