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1 x Classic Time Mist Air Fragrance 270ml

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1 x Classic Time Mist Air Fragrance 270ml

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16 Great flavours to choose from
Invigorating flavours
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Exc. VAT: £5.82 Incl. VAT: £6.99
Product Description


    Classic Time Mist Air Fragrances

    A massive range of fragrances to choose from fruity to floral, from coffee to baby powder its all available on a next working day delivery!

    Comprehensive range of classic air fragrances from time mist

    A comprehensive range of your favourite fragrances, offering an evocative fragrance for every application. From fruity scents to light florals, rich coffee to fresh baby powder, the Classic range offers a choice of fragrances to suit many areas, from the lobby to the washroom, making customers feel special at every opportunity.

    The fragrances
    A beautifull balanced fragrance, Classic Floral Bouquet delivers a breath of fresh floral fragrancing, ideal for feminine environments.

    Green Applie
    A delicious and mouth watering fruity fragrance, Classic Green Apple creates a refreshingly crisp scent, intense enough to deal with problem washrooms.

    A delicious fragrance, Classic Vanilla delivers a calming sweet creamy scent, with hints of rich vanilla pods.

    Sweet and fruity, Classic Cherry delivers a beautiful fragrance, rich with ripe red cherries, ideal for front-of-house areas and washrooms alike.

    Wild Lilly
    A rich, heady floral fragrance with notes of exotic white lily, jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose.

    A delicious and rounded fragrance, balancing the full notes of ripe mouth watering oranges with sweet clementines, to deliver an intensive Clementine hit.

    Forest Pine
    Clean and invigorating, Classic Forest Pine brings a feel of the fresh outdoor woodland to washrooms, capturing the uplifting scent of warm pine needles.

    Fresh Linen
    A wonderfully clean smelling fragrance, remiscent of fresh linen on a warm summers day. Classic Fresh Linen is ideal for hygiene conscious applications.

    Lemon Fresh
    Classic Lemon Fresh delivers an intense fragrance, combining ripe lemon zest and powerful clean citrus notes.

    Baby Powder
    One of the most evocative of the range, Classic Baby Powder is a fresh clean fragrance, delivering the scent of light talc, ideal for washrooms.

    Island Mango
    Tropical, rich fruits define this mouth-watering Classic Island Mango fragrance, evoking memories of tropical summer days and island getaways. Sweet notes puctuate the fragrance of ripe, juicy mango.

    A gentle, comforting fragrance incorporating soft, powdery floral aromas to include freesias and rose on a base of delicate woody notes and summer fruits.

    Freshly Cut Grass
    An evocative fragrance, bringing back memories of freshly cut grass on a hot summer's day. This intense fragrance creates an uplifting fresh atmosphere, ideal for washrooms and front-of-house.

    Mint Fusion
    A bold lively fragrance, Classic Mint Fusion brings an invigorating mint feel to washrooms and front-of-house areas, creating a feeling of natural freshness.

    Cafe Latte
    A rich, creamy coffee fragrance, punctuated by hints of caramelised hazelnuts. Classic Cafe Latte envelops your customer with a luxurious deep coffee scent.

    An intense masculine fragrance ideal for sports facilities and washrooms, Adrenalin delivers a powerful fragrance punch.

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