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About Washroom UK

About WashroomUK

Washroom UK LTD is an online business supplying the washroom inudstry leaders with high quality washroom products at a great price, next working day!

Why was washroom uk started?

The reason we started washroom uk was simple - to supply high quality products to our customers.

After being in the industry for 6 years we have seen our fair share of cheap shoddy merchandise hit the streets, we have also seen the fallout due to these products failing at the first hurdle - you see not all washroom products are created equally, you tend to find that poor quality products fail within a short period of time causing all kinds of problems for you especially when you are waiting for payment for a job!

Like i mentioned above this was the reason we set up Washroom UK, we only supply superior quality products, this as a by product means we wont necessarily be the cheapest but then we know once we send a product out it is of a high enough quality not to cause you any problems down the road - giving you peace of mind.

Washroom UK